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    All hacking tool here and more

    Post  MR-HACKING on Mon Dec 21, 2009 12:41 pm

    MHS5.007-The BEST MHS Version>>

    >>>* Added the DrawBitmap function to the scripts.
    * Added the BrowseForFolder, GetPathFromIDList, and Execute functions to the scripts.
    * Fixed the displayed range of doubles in search dialog boxes.
    * Fixed the bug in the Auto-Assembler where DB, DW, DD, and DQ commands could not correctly exceed 255 characters.
    * The C/C++/L. Spiro Script code printed in the Auto-Assembler during preview now includes the length of the array.
    * Fixed the parsing of L"" Unicode strings in the Auto-Assembler.
    * Fixed that annoying search bug. You know the one.
    * Fixed the bugs related to showing message boxes (via scripts or DLL plug-ins) while MHS is detaching from the target process. Previously the script functions or DLL functions would be called repeatedly while the message box was visible, often causing more message boxes to appear.
    * Added the DrawText function to the scripts.
    * The Hex Editor Helper Window now accepts all valid expressions for input.
    * Fixed the bug in the Hex Editor that caused the data in the Helper Window to show the values from the first tab when clicking any address in any other tab.
    * Moving the cursor in the Hex Editor with the arrow keys while not holding Shift now results in the selection being lost and the Helper Window being updated with the current cursor position.
    * Fixed the Update button in the Modify tab of the Structure Editor dialog.
    * Mapping templates containing pointers over RAM in the Hex Editor is now more stable.

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